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Some of Recently Software Project Accomplishment 2018/2019

Production Counter Display System

Develop Production Counter Display System (can custom make according to meet production specification). It can always “capture, Display, Monitor, Analyze & Improve Key Performance Indexes”. It leverages strong visual impact to help build a cohesive work force. It also utilizes the psychology that “a good worker hates to lose’ mentality to maximize workers” productivity.

By using Digital Production Counter Display, the management can monitor real-time key performance indexes and plan business operation strategically to meet customer needs. It is an affordable, efficient and valuable management tool and used effectively in production lines in electronic, garment, steel, automobile and furniture related industries.

It conveys the production goal of the company in a clear, direct and straight forward manner. It constantly monitors the performance of all production lines in real time. It reminds all workers constantly to Remain Focus, Target Oriented and Performance Based.

Some of process involves are as Count the number of units manufactured, Count the number of units rejected, Timers to keep track of the amount of time required to complete a task,Timers to keep track of the amount of down time or changeover time or any other time, Time clock per-programmed with break times and audible alerts to remind employees the start and end of breaks, and shift change and etc etc.

Clinic Management System

We SunRise have developed a system called Clinic Management System for third party vendors for joint venture private clinic’s. We designed a system to cater their respective patients information and also manage their pharmaceutical details.

The System to keep track the patients details, the doctor patients records,the patients follow up details, the medical payments details,as well as the medical prescription details. Its also track their On-Call Doctors schedule details as well as their respective fees.

Beside capturing the patients and doctor details, the main path of the system is to monitoring their pharmaceutical details. Its design to help the pharmaceutical store manager and staff to monitor it. Its help them to keep track and not losing any medical storage/expired and etc etc.

Inventory Management System

We SunRise have developed few Inventory Management System for small medium company and middle large manufacturing company. We designed a system to cater their customer information, the raw products, the use product, the store product, product process information, product production In/Out and etc etc.

This is to allow them not only monitoring their storage information but at the same time, its help them to run production run accordingly to the customer request. Hence at the time its help their production team to preparing the material either new or usage material for produce end product. Its will calculate the material needs, manpower, the time, the cost and etc. Its to let the staff prepare the material before produce the end product and not lose any production at last minute.

Beside that, its also capturing the customer payment detail, their other vendor payment information. The system also delivery a communication/respond process between their vendor and their production team in order to minimize the misunderstanding between the clients, therefore its help them to process the end products without too much of issue and delivery it as per client request and etc etc.

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