SunRise Technology Team Responsibility

Technician: Job Responsibility

This responsibilities are to coordinate and manage to ensure the effective implementation and maintenance of computer software and hardware in conjunction with the respective Superior.

Network Consultant: Job Responsibility

The Network Consultant job responsibilities are concerned with the evaluation of data communication and network hardware and software, coordinating data communications activities, and the transmission and reception of data or information sent electronically and to ensure the availability of network servers. Includes providing support to users of data communications equipment and in conjunction with the respective Superior.

More on Job Responsibility

We can assists you, not just on organizational level, but also on a strategic level. By creating the concept, design and content of your business oriented operation under one roof, we ensure continuity, integrity and consistency throughout every element. We have a solid technical production base.

Our technical are constantly researching the latest technology. We are often called on to advise and oversee installations ranging from school to large manufacturing industry of all level.

Our in-house technicians work closely with the product professional and research team on each service from solution, concept to total problem solving. By encouraging customer to work with us in the planning stage of the implementation or services, we can ensure the theme is integrated into every aspect, and is consistent with the strategic direction of the company and its objectives.

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